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Shelley Rush, Owner and President of Professional Image Consultants, has been an industry leader in professional make-up artistry and Image Consulting for over 15 years. She has managed over 18 hair and make-up artists to provide services for television networks 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Her statement that "Live television waits for no one" is indicative of her work ethic while providing exemplary esprit-de-corp in the greenroom or on set.

Specializing in high definition television, including "live" productions, infomercials and commercials. Her client list includes celebrities, sports figures, and internationally known spokespeople. She has worked with the Home Shopping Network, USA Networks, Primetime Live, 20/20, ESPN, Jive Records, and many, many more

Our artists are licensed cosmetologists and/or certified make-up professionals. They have many years experience working with the best professional products and techniques in the industry. We will work with you to get that look you want!

We specialize in : HD Television, Video, Film, Photography, Infomercials, Commercials, and Image Consulting. We travel all around the country performing for Actors, Actresses, Models, Sports Figures, Television Personalities and Musicians. Everyone deserves to look their very best!

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Celebrities and high profile clients:

Raquel Welch

Richard Simmons

Joyce DeWitt

Lorenzo Borghese

Jack & Elaine Lalane

Stan Lee

Mr. T

Vicky Lawrence

Johnny Damon

Frankie Avalon

Nolan Ryan

Jessica Schwartzkoff

Tina Louise

Brad Culpepper

Tony Little

Wolfgang Puck

Billy Mays

Chef Robert Irvine

Jill Eichenberry

Helen Reddy

Michael Tucker

Suzanne Somers

John Tesh

Jake Steinfeld

Jennifer Flavin-Stallone

 Leeza Gibbons    


Cheryl Ladd             


Randolph Duke

Brad Culpepper

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